Blonyx HMB+ Creatine. 240g, 1Mo. Supply by Blonyx Biosciences

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Description of Blonyx HMB+ Creatine. 240g, 1Mo. Supply from Blonyx...

HMB+ CreatineTM is a simple, naturally occurring, science backed supplement that both supports muscle cell health and energy systems. Using it on a regular basis results in less muscle cell damage after strenuous exercise and improved energy for training.

This leads to quicker recovery and faster muscle size and strength gains through strength training. HMB+ Creatine is made from ingredients found in natural, healthy foods. It contains no additives, preservatives or fillers and is for the athlete concerned about what goes into their body. HMB+ Creatine is an ideal supplement for strength focused athletes that push their bodies to extremes, such as gym users, weight lifters, bodybuilders, sprinters or sportsmen/women.

Product Features

Improves strength gains with training Pure ingredients found in foods No additives or fillers Shown to be safe and work in over 40 research studies A no-nonsense, simple supplement for the clean athlete