Fat Gripz by Fat Gripz

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Description of Fat Gripz from Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are a bar wrap that turns any standard bar or dumbell into a grip pounding thick handled monster. Use on your bars, dumbells, logs, pullup bars, cable attachements, or just about anything you can think of in the gym. Fat Gripz turn any exercise into a forearm and hand strength building variation that will challenge you in new ways. Great for grip guys as well as any athlete that requires a great grip - football, crossfit, mixed martial arts, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf...you name it, Fat Gripz will increase your performance! Made of a special high density material, Fat Gripz will stand up to the abuse you throw at them. These little guys are great and have a great track record for producing tremendous results!

Manufacturer Description

Using a thick bar is one of the most powerful ways to build incredible muscle size and strength.

Product Features

Turns any ordinary weightlifting handle into a thick handle. Increases grip strength and challenges your muscles in a new way. Perfect for athletes in any sport. Made from a high density long lasting material. Works for nearly every pulling or pushing exercise in the gym.