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Max Fit Equipment Best Selling Products Best Selling Products from Max Fit Equipment en-us Fresh Store Builder Ultra Speed Cable Rope - For Double Unders - 10 ft. from Buy Jump Ropes

"Ultra Speed Cable jump ropes are the only ropes I'll use at my gym. They are hands-down the fastest, and most durable ropes I've found. I've tried many different jump ropes and no matter what the price, they always seemed to break. The Ultra Speed Cable ropes hold up better than anything else and they are really affordable too! I highly recommend these ropes." -Tommy Hackenbruck, 2nd Fittest Man on the Planet. CrossFit Affiliate Owner Avid CrossFitter and fitness enthusiast. Former Linebacker on the 2004 Utah Fiesta Bowl TeamSold individually. Ultra Speed Ropes are made for indoor use only. Speed rope cord is 3/23 inches in diameter.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:29:04 +0000
Converse Unisex CONVERSE CT A/S HI BASKETBALL SHOES from Converse

In 1921, Converse hired an American basketball player, Charles (Chuck) Taylor as a salesman to promote All Star canvas-topped shoes. With the challenging sales in 1923, Chuck Taylor recommended few modification to the men's shoes and so today, his signature line, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was launched. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes is still popular, classic and affordable than any other basketball shoes. Toecap for protection Rubber outsole for better traction and durability

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 02:40:39 +0000
ProSource Speed Cable Jump Rope, Super Fast, 10' feet Fully Adjustable by ProSource

ProSource super fast, speed, cable rope is a must have for everyone. This rope will make crossing moves, double unders, and even triple unders easier and fun. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers. The cable cord will not get tangled and interrupt your routine. ProSource cable jump rope is a one size fits all. Simply measure rope by standing on the middle of the cord and the end of the handles come up to the top of the jumper's shoulders. Will fit anyone up to up to 6' 6" tall . Simply adjust the length with an easy screw/lock using fingers or a screw driver (recommended). Make sure it is clamped tight before jumping. As an option you can cut off the extra cable.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 12:44:04 +0000
Premium 1/2-Inch Extra Thick w/ 68 x 24-Inch High Density Durable Close-foam Tech. Exercise Yoga Mat w/ Carry Strap - Best Quality - Lowest Promotional Price (Black or Blue) from Yes4All

The lightweight, portable rolled high density & extra mat is great for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching or even as a Cushion under a Sleeping Bag for more a more comfortable camping experience. The best yoga mat on the market at the lowest price. 

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 13:01:30 +0000
Yoga Monster Mat 1/4"x72" Extra Thick 17 Colors SGS Approved Non-Toxic PER No Phthalates or Latex by Bean ProductsTM from Bean Products

Yoga Monster Mat goes Eco! For those who want a more eco-friendly mat, our fantastic Yoga Monster Mat is now environmentally friendly. Our yoga mat is made of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin), which is a unique material that is sensitive to the environment and your health. This mat does not contain toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenal, or heavy metals and has a ecologically safer method of production which is better for the workers and the environment - and most importantly it performs great for all types of yoga with excellent traction and cushion!

Why should you be concerned about exposure to Phthalates? Because phthalates have been linked to a variety of health problems including endocrine disruption, obesity, diabetes and allergies. Studies from many continents indicate serious toxicity and health problems due to phthalate plastizers found in consumer products. Common plastics, such as pvc foam used in typical yoga mats can contain 10% to 60% phthalates. Phthalates migrate to the surface of the mat over time and use which increases phthalate concentration on the yoga mat surface.

Our Yoga Monster Mats are SGS certified tested to non-measurable levels and far exceed the strict European phthalate standards. Using our Yoga Monster mat you can forget about phthalates and heavy metals and simply relax and enjoy your yoga practice.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 06:34:46 +0000
Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat by Gaiam
Durable and chic, Gaiam's printed tree of life mat provides a stable, non-slip surface for your yoga practice. Perfect for home or studio use, this mat ensures the safety and comfort you need to enhance proper alignment and maintain poses. Ideal for everyone, from beginners to seasoned yogis. Taiwan.
Keep your yoga mat clean, dry and portable in the coordinating Tree of Life tote bag with zippered pocket and magnetic snaps for easy access and closure. 100% cotton with nylon lining. Our coordinating tree of life aluminum water bottle tree of life aluminum water bottle keeps your water clear and fresh, while keeping disposable water bottles out of landfills. China.
]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:23:27 +0000
Converse Kid'S Chuck Taylor Ox Sneaker - Black Monochrome by Converse Inc.

Max Fit Equipment are delighted to stock the brilliant Converse Kid'S Chuck Taylor Ox Sneaker - Black Monochrome.

With so many available these days, it is wise to have a brand you can trust. The Converse Kid'S Chuck Taylor Ox Sneaker - Black Monochrome is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

For this price, the Converse Kid'S Chuck Taylor Ox Sneaker - Black Monochrome comes widely recommended and is a popular choice with many people. Converse Inc. have included some great touches and this means great value for money.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 05:11:49 +0000
BLUE or BLACK ACCUPOINT ROLLER 5" x 13" DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - Limited Special Promotion - Ship Fast Daily by Yes4All

Highest quality & Lowest Price! Another great product from the most efficient company - IDzo. We ship by priority mail daily to our value customer. HARD or SOFT is just PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Please read the review from "janedoe consumer" below to make your decision. We (and no other foam roller company) can't guaranty that our softness or hardness would exactly meet yours (both colors have the same stiffness) Check out our store for more great products

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 13:14:32 +0000
YogaAccessories 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat from YogaAccessories (TM)

At 6.2mm, the YogaAccessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat is a full 1/4'' thick, an extra long 74'', weighs almost 4 lbs, and is one of the thickest mats on the market. The mats come in a variety of colors that are strong and vivacious, but not overpowering in their brightness.

This well-made exercise mat will add comfort to your yoga workouts. And because of its high quality, this deluxe mat will last longer than most standard foam mats. When shopping around for a yoga mat, note that what many other companies call a 1/4'' mat is actually 4.5 - 5.2 mm in thickness -- considerably thinner than this mat. These ''knock-off'' mats are shorter and weigh less, indicative of their inferior quality. A thicker non-slip mat is good for all types of yoga, especially for restorative poses. Reward yourself and your body with an Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat, and see why this is the most popular sticky mat found in yoga studios, schools, fitness clubs, and at home!

Looking for a unique yoga mat? YogaAccessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mats are also available in the Chakra Series or custom printed with your own logo or design -- in the same vibrant colors that make our yoga mats so appealing.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 04:21:25 +0000
Valeo Speed Jump Rope with 10 inch Adjustable Length Val-JRS from Valeo

Speed Jump Rope with 10 Adjustable Length. Durable solid rubber rope. Molded handles with foam grips. Sealed ball bearings for even rotation.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:05:08 +0000
SeriousSteel 41" Pull-Up / CrossFit / Power-Lifting Jump Band (#0 - #5 / 5 lb - 150 lb) from Serious Steel

Increase the weight you lift by using weight lifting and powerlifting bands. These bands are an excellent addition to your workouts. Steel Bands are not just for powerlifting, these are great for all sports related weight lifting training and workouts to include fitness and every day working out.

Steel Bands come in SIX different resistance levels for any type of user and activity.Great for all pulling and pushing movements when you lift. Overload your squats or use these for assisted chin-ups. These bands can stretch up to 2.5 times it's original length! These bands are made using a continuous 15-layer strip of rubber latex! Don't be fooled by the cheap Chinese bands that snap and break easily. These bands are guaranteed from snapping/breaking for 90 days! *Shades and colors may vary based on inventory and customer recommendations*

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:14:43 +0000
Surge Ultra Speed Rope - Top End Rope for Double Unders! from

This is our newest design. The top end jump rope. Made specifically for speed and double unders. The metal handles are very light and easy to control. The shape of the handles allow for comfort and control. Extremely durable. Use only indoors or on a protective mat. DO NOT USE ON ABRASIVE SURFACES.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:29:04 +0000
Body Solid Olympic Bars by Body Solid

Body Solid Oly Power Bar is designed to take you to super heavy workloads. Precision engineered?of the highest quality components?for balance and durability with a compact design that fits anywhere in the gym or home. 

Triple-coat chrome finish protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling.?It offers a full range of free weight workouts from easy to challenging.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 05:49:43 +0000
Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench by Apex

Apex Flat exercise bench has a heavy duty, square tube frame and comfortable high density boxed deluxe upholstery. The bench has a durable powder coated finish.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 08:01:57 +0000
GSC Gym Chalk - 1lb by GSC

The GSC gym chalk can be used for many purposes such as gymnastics or weight lifting. They are wrapped in 2-Ounce blocks for your convenience and each lb. package contains eight blocks.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 10:15:10 +0000
Nayoya Gymnastic Rings for Crossfit Training by Nayoya Wellness

The Nayoya Gymnastics Rings are the #1 rated gymnastic rings on the market today due to their PC plastic rings, which is the highest quality on the market and supports up to 2,000 lbs. ( 2 tons).

The Nayoya Gymnastic Rings which are currently the #1 tool used by athletes and personal trainers worldwide are incredible workout and strength training tools for athletes of all levels, whether beginner, intermediate or elite. These rings are also used by the cross fit community for their crossfit rings workouts as well as by gymnasts.

Strength Training with the Nayoya Gymnastic Rings builds core strength as well as muscularity and endurance and the amount of possible exercises is almost unlimited.

Nayoya's gymnastics rings give the user a suspension workout and lets the rings move freely thus utilizing your core strength to the max because of their instability and free movement. Due to the natural positions the athlete is placed in during exercise, there is less stress to the shoulder region, elbows and wrists creating the ideal workout environment.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 10:15:20 +0000
Fat Gripz by Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are a bar wrap that turns any standard bar or dumbell into a grip pounding thick handled monster. Use on your bars, dumbells, logs, pullup bars, cable attachements, or just about anything you can think of in the gym. Fat Gripz turn any exercise into a forearm and hand strength building variation that will challenge you in new ways. Great for grip guys as well as any athlete that requires a great grip - football, crossfit, mixed martial arts, basketball, baseball, tennis, name it, Fat Gripz will increase your performance! Made of a special high density material, Fat Gripz will stand up to the abuse you throw at them. These little guys are great and have a great track record for producing tremendous results!

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 05:26:21 +0000
Rage Leather Hand Grips from Rage Fitness
  • Protect you hands from high-repetition workouts
  • Made from soft leather, these grips will last and last
]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 11:58:45 +0000
The Stick Original Body Stick by The Stick

Easy-to-use device designed to massage muscle tissue. Encourages increased circulation to muscle fibers before exercise, disperses lactic acid after workout, and diffuses muscle stiffness and knots. 3 sizes to accommodate all body types.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 03:28:36 +0000
Cap Barbell Bar Collars 2-Inch Chromed Spring Clip Collar Olympic from Cap Barbell

Chrome plated and easy grip handles make the spring clip collar easy to fasten and remove from its bar. Accomodates 2" (diameter) bars. Sold as a pair.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 10:15:12 +0000
Supermats Solid P.V.C. Mat for Rowing Machines (3-Feet x 8.5-Feet) by Supermats
  • Super-tough, durable PVC material helps protect your floors and carpets from the damage effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts.
  • Non-slip surface is perfect for home gyms utilizing selectorized weight stacks, free weights, or other forms of resistance.
  • Dampens vibration that cause wear and tear to equipment and muffles equipment noises so family and neighbors are not disturbed.
  • Prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts. Cleans easily with a damp cloth.
  • 3-Feet x 8.5-Feet
]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 13:58:47 +0000
Valeo Olympic Spring Collars

Valeo Olympic Spring Collars Features: Fit 2” Olympic bar Chrome plated Easy on and off One pair Style number VA4495BK

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 02:40:39 +0000
MOXY Socks Knee-High Black with White Ultimate CrossFit Socks by MOXY Socks

Is Crossfit for you? Kick some ass while working out in select unique black and white socks promoting Crossfit. You train with intensity, and with top of the line durability and sweat resistance, our Crossfit socks will improve your workout and push you to your highest limit. Now featuring our Performance Mesh foot and Achilles Tendon protection. Black, one size fits all.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 03:28:36 +0000
SKLZ Weighted Speed Rope - Advanced Cardio Jump Rope from SKLZ

Max Fit Equipment are proud to offer the brilliant SKLZ Weighted Speed Rope - Advanced Cardio Jump Rope.

With so many on offer recently, it is great to have a name you can trust. The SKLZ Weighted Speed Rope - Advanced Cardio Jump Rope is certainly that and will be a excellent buy.

For this great price, the SKLZ Weighted Speed Rope - Advanced Cardio Jump Rope is widely respected and is always a popular choice with many people. SKLZ have included some great touches and this results in good value for money.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 09:38:13 +0000
Aurorae Yoga Mats- Specially Designed 1/4" (6mm) Ultra Thick Memory Foam. 72" Long with our Rising Moon Focal Icon. Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex.Toxin Free and Bio-Degradable 100% guaranteed from Aurorae

We are happy to offer the famous Aurorae Yoga Mats- Specially Designed 1/4" (6mm) Ultra Thick Memory Foam. 72" Long with our Rising Moon Focal Icon. Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex.Toxin Free and Bio-Degradable 100% guaranteed.

With so many on offer recently, it is great to have a name you can recognise. The Aurorae Yoga Mats- Specially Designed 1/4" (6mm) Ultra Thick Memory Foam. 72" Long with our Rising Moon Focal Icon. Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex.Toxin Free and Bio-Degradable 100% guaranteed is certainly that and will be a great acquisition.

For this price, the Aurorae Yoga Mats- Specially Designed 1/4" (6mm) Ultra Thick Memory Foam. 72" Long with our Rising Moon Focal Icon. Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex.Toxin Free and Bio-Degradable 100% guaranteed is highly recommended and is a popular choice amongst lots of people. Aurorae have included some excellent touches and this means great value.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:13:27 +0000
Abmat Abdominal Trainer - Crossfit Abmat - Core Exerciser from Neptune Barbell Co.

The AbMat is a totally one - of - a - kind abdominal exerciser and core trainer because it offers:* The full range of motion necessary to work the entire abdominal muscle group. Crunch exercises and most equipment fall short of the AbMat!* A variety of exercises that isolate upper and/or lower abs, as well as the obliques and lower back muscles.* A safe, comfortable design contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent injury.* One size fits all!There is no need to worry about height and weight differences between users.* No more balancing!Unlike fitness balls, the AbMat won/'t roll or wobble on you, so you can focus on your workout* A compact, portable design that requires no set - up or tear - down.Take it with you anywhere!* A product made in the U.S.A.Find out what many professional athletes and fitness experts already know. The AbMat ab - literates the competition!The ultimate core trainer strengthens your entire abdominal chain, obliques, and lower back. It supports your spine and puts you into the proper position to perform each exercise. It's portable, durable, and scientifically proven to work. It comes complete with an instructional manual.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:15:18 +0000
Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike (Black) from Schwinn

The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne bike is a must have for commercial facilities and is also a perfect cardio machine for a home gym. It offers a cardio workout for both upper and lower body. With a virtually indestructible frame, updated styling, and new features all over the bike, the Schwinn AD6 has the same dual motion benefits as its predecessor and a few cool surprises. The advantage of the unique air resistance system is that it offers as much resistance as you can handle. 

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 08:35:41 +0000
Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine from Concept2

Rowing provides superb total-body cardiovascular conditioning in a smooth impact-free exercise. A great investment, the commercial-grade Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower is supported with free online motivational tools such as the Concept2 online logbook, rowing challenges and training forum. Manufactured by the company that set the standard in rowing, the Model E is Concept2’s latest and most advanced indoor rower. 


With rugged features such as a one-piece leg design, glossy finish top coat, nickel-plated chain and fully-enclosed chain housing, the Model E is recommended for high-use facilities, individuals looking for the latest and greatest, and those who prefer a higher seated position. With a 20” seat height, the Model E sits 6” higher than the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower, making it easier to get on and off. The self-calibrating Performance Monitor (PM4) displays workout data in five display options, a LogCard to record results, games and more! The PM4 (included) also features built-in wireless heart rate monitoring (chest belt provided), machine-to-machine wireless racing, a rechargeable battery pack, and increased memory capacity. Every Concept2 Indoor Rower comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and limited 2-year 5-year warranty.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 06:57:00 +0000
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press

The Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press is the highest quality and most affordable wall mounted pull up bar available today. This is a gym quality wall mounted pull up bar that is designed for easy home installation. This pull up bar can be easily fastened to the stud walls of most residential and commercial building because the anchor points are positioned at exactly 16 inches on center. The heavy duty reinforced support beams and the parallel grips extend out 20 inches from the wall giving plenty of room for your pull ups. This pull up bar is made of heavy gauge steel with foam padded grips for more comfort and less irritation on your hands. The grips of the pull up bar are positioned at 10, 24 and 36 inches apart.

The parallel grips that are spaced at 16 inches on center. The parallel grips are also padded and work great for neutral grip pull ups and knee raise exercises. Installing a pull up bar in your home is one of the best things you can do to keep you and your entire family strong and healthy. Add pull up bar exercises to your training and workout consistently at least twice a week for 20-40 minutes and you are guaranteed to get stronger and improve your body image. This wall mounted pull up bar also makes the perfect anchor point for other Ultimate Body Press brand pull up bar accessories like Gymnastic Rings, Push Up Rings or Ab Straps.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 08:21:11 +0000
Rumbleroller Deep-Tissue Massage Roller by RumbleRoller

The RumbleRoller Manipulates Soft Tissue - Like a Massage Therapist. The surface of the RumbleRoller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist. As you roll over the top of the RumbleRoller, the bumps continuously knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions.

This action erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain. By design, the RumbleRoller's bumps are firmer than muscle tissue, but much softer than bone, so they deflect out of the way if they contact your spine or other bony protrusions. Through simple techniques, you can control the amount of pressure the bumps apply to your body. The bumps are closely spaced to one another (< 2" apart), so several of them simultaneously contact your body during most exercises. However, with a slight shift of your body, you can reduce your area of contact with the RumbleRoller, which increases pressure and provides deeper, more penetrating relief.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 09:38:13 +0000
2XU Non-Stirrup Compression Calf Guard by 2XU

Targeting the calf muscle, 2XU Calf Guards are a great muscle containment device that can be worn during training or competition. Supporting the calf muscle reduces muscle vibration allowing the calf muscle to operate more efficiently reducing fatigue and muscle cramping, increasing power and strength, and mitigating shin splint issues. The 2XU Calf Guards will protect your calves from fatigue, muscle soreness, and cramping while training and competing. Sold in pairs.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 05:15:21 +0000
MOXY Socks Knee-High Black with Red Ultimate Crossfit Socks by MOXY Socks

Is Crossfit for you? Kick some ass while working out in select unique black and red socks promoting Crossfit. You train with intensity, and with top of the line durability and sweat resistance, our Crossfit socks will improve your workout and push you to your highest limit. Black, one size fits all.

]]> Fri, 17 Nov 17 17:53:15 +0000
Trigger Point Performance X-Factor Massage Ball by Trigger Point Performance

The Trigger Point Performance X-Factor Massage Ball is bigger and firmer than our original massage ball and will not lose shape. The ball mirrors the pressure of a forearem for a firmer massage and its primary focus is to relieve muscles of existing minor aches and pains by applying pressure. This tool can be used anywhere on the body including those hard-to-reach areas. Apply pressure with the ball by using the floor, wall, or any hard surface to stabilize movement of the ball. In order to get deep into the muscle the ball has to remain still with an ample amount of pressure for five to seven seconds, at which time the material changes shape. The X-Factor Ball is great for the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves, or anywhere that you have minor aches and pains.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:04:57 +0000
Rowing Machine Chain Oil, Works Great on Concept 2 Rower by TL

This is a 4-ounce bottle of clear oil. Works on chains on all Concept2 Indoor Rowers (Models A, B, C, D and E).

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 10:14:53 +0000
SPRI EVA Foam Roller 36- Inch long x 6- Inch diameter by SPRI

The SPRI EVA Foam Roller (36” x 6”) improves balance, flexibility and strength. Constructed of heat sealed EVA foam, this medium density roller is built to withstand the demands of any exercise, as the non-porous foam will return to its original shape after repeated use & prevent moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface. 

The increased density of EVA foam idea for dynamic strength application, muscle re-education and myofascial release therapy to relieve muscular pain through stretching and applied pressure to trigger points. Ideal for self massage of the upper and lower back, calf, hamstring, glutes and quads.

From gentle stretching to challenging balance and strength conditioning, this is one piece of equipment that offers you an array of exercise options. The SPRI EVA Foam Roller is a simple, effective balance and alignment tool for spinal stabilization, developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina, and body awareness. Foam rollers also add a balance challenge to traditional floor exercises while improving posture and body alignment – the extra long length accommodates various body types. 

The dense construction of SPRI EVA Foam Roller to build strength, improve balance, increase stamina, and define your abdominal muscles. Improve muscle flexibility and joint mobility with safe, comfortable and effective stretching activities. With so many different applications, this versatile tool is perfect for all fitness levels.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:18:42 +0000
Trigger Point Performance Self Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage Starter Set by Trigger Point Performance

The Trigger Point Performance Starter Set includes the essential building blocks for managing aches and pains of the body. The starter set is a helpful tool for thousands of multisport athletes who suffer from aches and pain in the feet, Achilles tendon, shins, and other muscles throughout the lower leg.

]]> Fri, 17 Nov 17 21:29:41 +0000
Speed Jump Rope by Us Games

US Games Speed Jump Rope consists of red poly rope with plastic swivel handles. This speed rope has speed, durability, and flexibility all in one jump rope!

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 10:14:12 +0000
Cap Barbell 1000 Pound Solid Test Bar (7-Feet) by Cap Barbell

7’ Olympic Bar is designed to take on super heavy workloads and is the top choice for professional weightlifters and club owners. Precision engineered for balance and long lasting performance. Medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivel at the most delicate touch. This prohibits the bar from warping and reduces pressure on the wrists. Warning: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Consumer may return the product for a full refund, including shipping cost for both receipt and return of the product within 15 days of his or her receipt.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 09:06:20 +0000
Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga / Fitness Mats with Golden Sun Focal Icon, Unique one of a kind colors, 5mm Thick, 72" Long, SGS approved, Free from Phthalates, Silicone and Latex. Bio-degradable, No odor. from Aurorae

With the flow of our universe's solar winds and the magnetic energy from its ultimate source, the sun, Aurorae's Northern Lights has been created. Dance with nature's spirits and from this incredible Illumination, draw the power and potential within yourself.

It was our feeling at Aurorae that we needed to develop a yoga mat that could draw out the potential that is within all of us. We pushed our engineers to develop a design that replicates the Natural Phenomenon and Energy Source of Northern Lights.

Each individual mat has a uniqueness of its own and no two mats are exactly the same.

We are happy to say we have now accomplished that, so find the Power and Potential within you and Live It.

CUSTOMER SERVICE We at Aurorae are here to serve you as best as possible! We value 5 star service so if for any reason you are unsatisfied please contact me directly through Amazon before writing your review and I am committed to do whatever possible to resolve it.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:23:42 +0000
SKLZ Super Sandbag - Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag by SKLZ

Super Sandbag Trainer...Great Training For The Field! SKLZ Super Sandbag Trainer features: Develop total body strength, stability and endurance Versatile training tool allows you to execute countless training exercises Work your upper and lower body Develop explosive power on-demand Includes Super Sandbag and (4) 10lb. weight bags Filler not included Super Sandbag Trainer...Intensify Your Conditioning!

]]> Fri, 17 Nov 17 22:55:34 +0000
Functional Fitness 41 inch Continuous Loop Pull up Assistance / CrossFit Resistance Exercise Band - 5 - 150 lbs (9 - 68 kg) Resistance / Assistance by Functional Fitness
  • Resistance Levels from 20-35 lbs (9-16kg). Completely Customizable to Your Needs
  • Great for Assisted Pull Ups, Weight Lifting, Pilates, Yoga, and Stretching
  • 41" Loop Rubber band, more versatile and durable that your average tube band
  • Not sure which band is for you? Check out the description for help
  • 60-day Warranty with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 11:58:45 +0000
Buddy Lee's Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope with EXTRA Replacement Cord by Buddy Lee

The Buddy Lee Hyperformance Aero Speed is aesthetically the Rolls Royce of Jump Ropes and represents the latest in innovation of all jump ropes. It was voted "the smoothest, fastest, and best-balanced rope, period" by Men's Health and was also featured in Men's Fitness and Men's Muscle. It is a Hyperformance Rope" designed for the serious adult or youth athlete/ fitness buff. It is made for ultra speed (5-6 turns per second) and power jump rope training. It is designed with Buddy Lee's swivel bearing system that is technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions. This advanced swivel bearing system provides you with high intensity jump rope training and makes jumping easy, effortless and fun. The Aero Speed innovative adjustment system also allows you to custom size the rope for your height in seconds. The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and replace the bearings to maintain years of Hyperformance jumping. The rope cord and swivel bearings are replaceable.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 06:34:46 +0000
Quad Speed Jump Rope - Super Fast for Double Unders! by

Each handle has a thumb rest on the end of the handle that creates better tension and control of your turning. Competition jumpers are looking for super light weight handles that are durable. These jump ropes are the perfect combination of toughness and top performance. Handles designed with a tough a durable plastic with long lasting ball bearings. Handles are designed by competition jumpers who want the most out of their abilities. Applications 1. Speed jumping (5-6 jumps a second) 2. Double and Triple Unders

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 08:01:58 +0000
PWR with Red Dralion, Blue Raspberry, 160 Gram, From Isatori from iSatori Global

iSatori - PWR Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Workout Revolution Blue Raspberry - 144 Grams The Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Workout Revolution 3x more potent! 10x more concentrated! And at half the price of leading pre-workout formulas. That's what you get when you strip away all the fluff and leave only the scientifically validated, effective dosages of ingredients that matter. Introducing PWR The true "one-scoop," ultra-concentrated pre-workout revolution from the true innovators at iSatori. Get ready for 30 workouts full of pure power... unstoppable energy... and crazy pumps! PWR Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Workout Revolution Blue Raspberry: Power. Energy. Focus. Pump. INSTANTLY! 3x More Potent & 10x More Concentrated The True "One-Scoop" Formula Delicious Blue Raspberry Flavor (No artificial colors or dyes)

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 12:44:04 +0000
ADIDAS Power Perfect II Weightlifting Boots

ADIDAS Power Perfect II Weightlifting Boots - Steady feet and quick to move, this lightweight shoe puts up serious performance. A high density polymer replaces the wood so you get the support without the weight. Features:*Flexible fit*Instep Strap Single instep strap provides additional rearfoot integrity*Heel Support ?Heel Support? design focuses on an integral rearfoot for superb lightweight stability*Die-cut Wedge Weightlifting-engineered, high density die-cut midsole wedge offers lightweight stability*Full-length Outsole Full-length adiWEAR outsole provides consistent floor contact and durability

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 09:06:19 +0000
Blank Crossfit Shorts by Epic MMA Gear

These MMA / Crossfit shorts use a medium weight 4 way stretch fabric (FLEX Series) for maximum comfort / durability, and are 100% non restrictive for your crossfit or MMA workout.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 14:14:27 +0000
Functional Fitness Pull up Assistance / CrossFit 41in Loop Resistance Exercise Band Set - #3, #4, #5 - 30 - 250 lbs (14 - 113 kg) Resistance / Assistance from Functional Fitness
  • Set includes 1 of each: #3 [30 - 50 lbs. (14 - 23 kg) Resistance], #4 [40 - 80 lbs. (18 - 36 kg) Resistance], #5 [50 - 120 lbs. (23 - 54 kg) Resistance]. Completely customizable to your needs
  • Great for Assisted Pull Ups, Weight Lifting, Pilates, Yoga, and Stretching
  • 41" Loop Rubber band, more versatile and durable that your average tube band
  • Not sure which band is for you? Check out the description for help
  • 60-day Warranty with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Wood Gymnastic Olympic Rings for Crossfit - Pair (Free Shipping Lifetime Warranty) by MDUSA

You will not find a higher quality wooden ring on the market. MDUSA Wood Rings are made in the US of high grade multi-laminated wood and finished to perfection. We do not use putty to fill open spaces in the wood, if the rings do not pass inspection, they are not sold. Each set contains two rings and two straps. Rings and straps are guaranteed for life. Made in USA* / China *85% of this products cost is the result of US manufacturing.

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Olympic Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar from Lock Jaw Barbell Collar

Fully captured pressure pads and quick-action cams guarantee these collars won’t damage plates or bars yet ensure they’ll stay firmly in place. Solid frame construction for superior durability. Fits any Olympic-style bar.

]]> Sat, 18 Nov 17 05:22:59 +0000
Olympic Exercise Fitness Crossfit Gymnastic Rings with Flexible Buckles - Special Promotion from Yes4All
  • Includes 2 Gymnastic Rings with 15 foot straps and quick adjusting cam buckles
  • External Diameter of the Ring: 9.25 inches; External Diameter of the Ring: 7 inches
  • Nylon Webbing Straps (W x L): 0.98 inch X 175 inches
  • Ring Material: ABS & support up to 200 kgs; shipping weight is aprox. 4 lbs
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