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Max Fit Equipment Special Offer Products Special Offer Products from Max Fit Equipment en-us Fresh Store Builder Trigger Point Performance Smart-Core Level 1-70 Minute Instructional Workout DVD by Trigger Point Performance

SMRT-CORE is self-myofascial release therapy and core strengthening work efficiently combined in the same workout using a revolutionary foam roller, The Trigger Point GRID. Presented as an educational DVD collection, the program is easy to follow, caters to various fitness levels and is designed for in-home use. Level 1 is our starting point and provides the foundational movements needed to perform all of the SMRT-CORE exercises. by incorporating applied movements into our foundation exercises, you will engage your core and create a starting point for increasing strength and stability. Exercise movements are clearly explained so that you understand the movements for each exercise within the specific level.

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ProSource Exercise Fitness Gymnastic Rings from ProSource
Challenge yourself in a whole new way with this set of ProSource Fitness gymnastic rings. The rings are made of premium-quality Lexan, and include extra-long 17-foot straps for greater flexibility. Once installed, you can use the rings for such exercises as push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups, and many more. The unique nature of the rings creates a fun, athletic challenge while toning and strengthening your muscles in a coordinated, complementary manner. Easy to install and adjust, the rings are also light enough to bring along while traveling. And you don't have to be an expert to use the rings, as they're easily accessible for beginners but gently progress toward harder skills.
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Fat Gripz Extreme by Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz Extreme are a bar wrap that turns any standard bar or dumbell into a grip pounding thick handled monster. Use on your bars, dumbells, logs, pullup bars, cable attachements, or just about anything you can think of in the gym. Fat Gripz turn any exercise into a forearm and hand strength building variation that will challenge you in new ways. Great for grip guys as well as any athlete that requires a great grip - football, crossfit, mixed martial arts, basketball, baseball, tennis, name it, Fat Gripz will increase your performance! Made of a special high density material, Fat Gripz will stand up to the abuse you throw at them. These little guys are great and have a great track record for producing tremendous results!

Fat Gripz Extreme are an eye catching bright orange and a whopping 2.75 inch diameter compared to their 2.25 inch little brother, the standard Blue Fat Gripz. Simply stated, Bigger Grip = Bigger Challenge & Better Results. If you thought the standard model was effective wait until you try the Extreme!

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Nayoya Gymnastic Rings for Crossfit Training by Nayoya Wellness

The Nayoya Gymnastics Rings are the #1 rated gymnastic rings on the market today due to their PC plastic rings, which is the highest quality on the market and supports up to 2,000 lbs. ( 2 tons).

The Nayoya Gymnastic Rings which are currently the #1 tool used by athletes and personal trainers worldwide are incredible workout and strength training tools for athletes of all levels, whether beginner, intermediate or elite. These rings are also used by the cross fit community for their crossfit rings workouts as well as by gymnasts.

Strength Training with the Nayoya Gymnastic Rings builds core strength as well as muscularity and endurance and the amount of possible exercises is almost unlimited.

Nayoya's gymnastics rings give the user a suspension workout and lets the rings move freely thus utilizing your core strength to the max because of their instability and free movement. Due to the natural positions the athlete is placed in during exercise, there is less stress to the shoulder region, elbows and wrists creating the ideal workout environment.

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