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Ultimate Body Press Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar (Dark Gray, 48-Inch) by Ultimate Body Press at the Max Fit Equipment

Ultimate Body Press Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar (Dark Gray, 48-Inch) from Ultimate Body Press

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Description of Ultimate Body Press Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar...

Looking to start a simple, yet effective fitness regime that guarantees results, fast? Installing a Pull Up Bar in your home, garage or fitness studio is a safe and economical way to get you and the entire family fit and healthy in next to no time. Ideal for use in both home and commercial gyms or fitness areas with limited space, our professional, 48 inch long Pull Up Bar is an extremely practical, gym quality pull up bar.

Suitable for all sizes, ages and skill levels, it is also one of the most cost effective pull up bars on the market. with mounting points spaced at 48-Inch center to center this pull up bar is designed for ease of installation and can be fastened securely to the stud walls or ceiling of most commercial and domestic buildings. The Large Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press can be mounted to either a wall or ceiling and fits stud spacing of either 16 or 24-Inch. Its heavy duty construction features a robust 1.25 diameter steel bar and textured grip for added comfort. and with generous 20 inch long mounting brackets there is sufficient room for all types of grip pull up and knee raise exercises.

Manufacturer Description

Maximize Results with a Heavy Duty Mounted Bar

Build strength and mass across your upper body, back and core with the high clearance 48 Inch Wall or 9 Foot Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press. 48 inch bar width and 22 inches of riser clearance set a generous workout space for serious training working at high levels. Heavy duty bar anchors your complete bodyweight gym with optional bar accessories so you can target specific muscle groups, add variation and build your numbers into larger sets. Get complete control over bar placement with universal fit for both wall and ceiling installation. Hardware, instructions and mounting template are included for easy installation so you can start enjoying better workouts right away. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Pull Up Bar Features

• Stylish and durable white powdercoat finish compliments your decor
• Precision 48" on-center mount holes are universal fit for 16" and 24" ceiling joists or wall studs
• High clearance 22" risers are ideal for 9' ceilings and provide room for HIIT exercises even when wall mounted
• Jig welded gusseted risers support 450 lbs for ceiling mount - 350 lbs for wall mount
• 1.25" diameter steel bar with Perfect Grip Hammertone textured Bar for a secure comfortable grip
• Mounting template, hardware and complete assembly instructions provided
• USA tech support and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Better Workouts Build Quality Muscle

A truly stable pull up bar supports focus on form and body control for high power reps set after set. Real performance from your bar means you can break through plateaus with chin ups, narrow grip pull ups and wide grip pull ups. High clearance gives you room for HIIT exercises like kipping pull ups, butterfly pull ups, muscle ups, toes to bar, knees to elbow, knee raises, L sits and more. The 48 Inch Wall or 9 Foot Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar is the bar to have when you are serious about athletic performance and building real strength.

Anchor your Complete Bodyweight Gym

The 48 Inch Wall or 9 Foot Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar is easily expanded with optional pull up bar accessories like ab straps and gymnastic rings. Beginners can progress to full pull up sets with assisted exercise variations and everyone can expand favorite workouts with new compound movements. If you are looking to achieve new levels of performance, work up to your first pull up or regain former performance levels, workout accessories increase variation and get comprehensive results fast.

Order Your 48 Inch Wall or 9 Foot Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

The 48 Inch Wall or 9 Foot Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar gives you better workouts every day for the results you want in less time. Complete mounting hardware, assembly instructions and mounting guide are included. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, order yours today.

Shop with Confidence

At Ultimate Body Press our passion is manufacturing high quality affordable fitness equipment for real workouts that fit your spaces and how you like to exercise. We are proud to serve your gym needs and want to meet and exceed your expectations for customer service. If you need any assistance with your purchase, customer service has complete resources to assist you and is available by phone or email during regular business hours Monday-Friday.

Product Features

Mounting brackets spaced at 48-Inch center to center mounts to wall studs or ceiling joist spaced at 24 or 16-Inch. 20 inch long mounting brackets give plenty of room for all type of pull up variations 1.25 diameter steel pull up bar for extra strength Texture knurled steel grip for added comfort and secure grip 48 inch long pull up bar